Land of Dogs HQ now in LLandudno

We’re back! Land of Dogs HQ is now in LLandudno ,though we are based online, we manfacture some of our branded Land of Dogs goods right here in LLandudno!
You’ll start noticing more things being added to our website such as more blog posts, events, dog walkiing, guest blogs, etc and more over the upcoming few weeks. We’ve been working extremely hard for the past couple of years to bring some exciting things your way, and we’ll be shortly introducing a subscription box!

4 thoughts on “Land of Dogs HQ now in LLandudno

    • Land Of Dogs says:

      Hi Ian, nice to meet you! You will love it in Conwy! Just followed FoundLostDogs over on twitter, will RT as much as i can to help!
      Kind regards
      Land of Dogs

  1. Ian says:

    Apologies I seemed to have missed your August 26 message.

    You can see a view of my back garden in Conwy at 400ft above (a bit to high to spot lost dogs) and guess you will be in shot somewhere.

    • Land Of Dogs says:

      Such a lovely video, a little drone envious! Apologies for the late reply, love what you are doing to help the lost dogs & pets. Let me know if i can be of any assistance. RT whenever i see on Twitter! Best wishes

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