Eco-Friendly Dyes

Eco-Friendly Dyes Land of Dogs

Land of Dogs Cotton Ombre Rope Leads and cotton backed collars are hand dyed using Eco-Friendly dyes (Reactive). These are eco, low impact dyes and are free from heavy metals and AZO’s (compounds found in a lot of dyes such as  chrome, copper and zinc, nor do they require toxic chemical mordants to fix them to the fiber) and as such are classified by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (which is an international certification process) as Eco-Friendly. We also dye our single colour hemp collars in the same dyes.

Low-impact dyes are dyes with a higher than average absorption rate (70%-80%, depending on the color). This means less water is required in the rinse process and less dye runs off in the water; therefore, the dyes have a lower impact on the environment. The fabrics we currently use for our products are also AZO Free.

The rope dying process can take up to a week due to the nature of the dying process of the rope til it being dry. We then have to splice, and whip the ropes into finished products. This makes your rope lead extremely unique as each one is handmade and never exactly the same.

Cotton Dog Lead
Cotton Dog Lead
Cotton Dog Lead
Cotton Dog Lead
Cotton Dog Lead

By buying alternatives to traditional products for dogs made from plastic, you’re driving forward more sustainable and greener living by buying a quality handmade product made from Eco-Friendly materials. Not only are you being part of the change in the world, by buying Land of Dogs items, you’re helping raise funds for dog charities, as we donate a percentage of our sales and donate items regularly.

2 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Dyes

  1. Rachael Evans says:

    Love your rope leads, very unique. Will be getting one for my cocker spaniel soon. We “all” must do our part to contribute greener living. It is most absurd and horrific how much plastic waste I saw when watching Blue Planet 2.

    • Land Of Dogs says:

      We couldn’t agree more! We’re so glad to hear you love our rope leads, we hope you can find one perfect for your lovely Cocker Spaniel! Welcome to the Land of Dogs pack!

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