The Joys of Pet Parenting: Five Things to Think About Before You Become a Pet Owner

Land of Dogs The Joys of Pet Parenting Five Things to Think About Before You Become a Pet Owner

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The Joys of Pet Parenting: Five Things to Think About Before You Become a Pet Owner

Aside from unconditional love, companionship, and pleasure, pets can provide owners with a wide array of health benefits. Did you know that cats reduce the risk of heart attacks? How about lower cholesterol when you own a dog? But just because your neighbor rushed out and bought a darling new puppy doesn’t mean that’s the right thing for you. Before you make a parenting commitment to your first pet, be sure you’ve thought about these five things.

What Kind of Pet Is Right for You?

According to the organization Best Friends, which provides the nation’s largest sanctuary for homeless animals, there are several important questions you’ll want to consider before purchasing — or, better yet, adopting — your first pet.

⦁ What kind of animal fits well into your home? For example, will you be able to handle pet hair, the smell of a litter box, or the occasional chewed shoe?
⦁ If there’s more than you in the home, how will others be affected by your new pet? Is your partner allergic, or is your child afraid of dogs?
⦁ If you rent, is a pet permitted?
⦁ What is the available space both inside and outside your home? Do you have enough room for a large breed? Will a big animal be comfortable in your small apartment?
⦁ Do you have ample time to spend with your new pet?
⦁ Are you physically active or more sedentary?
⦁ Do you have the financial means to keep your pet healthy?
⦁ Do you have a reliable pet-sitter to help when you’re away?

How Will You Prepare Your Home for Your New Addition?

You can’t jump into purchasing your first pet without first considering what you’ll need at home, and it isn’t as easy as a food and water bowl. Dogs need outdoor fencing. Cats need litter boxes and climbing play areas. Also, don’t forget some pets needs beds, kennels, or cages. And if you’re special enough to adopt and gain the love of an elderly pet, they’ll need some special modifications to the home as well.

Getting Your New Pet Settled

Just like humans take time to adjust to their new surroundings, so too do pets. Here are some tips for making them welcome and safe in their new space.

⦁ Get proper identification.
⦁ Puppy-proof it, cat-proof it, bird-proof it… whatever you chose, just make sure to pet-proof your home. Be sure to remove common  pet poisons.
⦁ Set up a quiet, cozy, warm space where they can retreat.
⦁ Provide water and food bowls in an easily accessible area.
⦁ Get a comfortable bed that they can feel secure in.
⦁ Consider a pheromone spray for calming them.
⦁ Don’t rush them, especially if they are rescue animals. Animals that tend to be timider will require more affection to feel secure.
⦁ Supply some toys, especially interactive ones and chew toys.

Pets Can Help with Addiction and Mental Illness

If you’re suffering from mental health issues or working an addiction recovery plan, a dog may be the ideal pet. According to recently released report, owning a dog can’t actually cure mental illness and addiction, but it can aid in recovery and assist in helping one avoid a relapse. It’s believed that they relieve stress and improve coping mechanisms.

Bonding with Your Pet

When you decide to parent a pet, it’s really no different than parenting a child. Take the time to bond with your animal. According to the pet specialists at PetChatz, you can bond with your pet in five easy ways: taking a weekend getaway, doing fun activities together, enjoying Frisbee, going on a road trip, and summer camp. Spending time with your pet is the best way to bond.

It’s easy to get the pet. The hard part is providing it with a loving home where they feel safe and loved. Be sure to get your home and your heart ready before you bring your new pet home.

Guest Article kindly submitted by Jessica Brody from, with thanks from Land of Dogs

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