Land of Dogs Relocating – Reopen on 4th August 2018

Land of Dogs Relocating – Reopen on 4th August 2018

Edit: Due to unforseen circumstances with “Land of Dogs” relocating, we’ve had to unfortunately extend our time being closed, we planned to reopen online on the 26th of July but have decided to reopen on the 4th of August, summer sale will then commence!

Sending a big thanks to all the suppawrt and patience through the move! See you pups on the 4th!

Land of Dogs Relocating

We’re currently moving premises, and will be reopening our online store on the 4th August 2018. We’re going to implement lots of new features on our website which we’re extremely excited to tell you about among stocking more and more amazing products for your K9 best friends. If you’re a dog lover who wants to spoil your pup, make sure you don’t miss out! In the next 6 months, one of our new features will be adding a natural based dog subscription box, we’ll be implementing guest article submissions for our blog and other exciting things so that you can enjoy the best life with your pup whilst you visit our website!
Stay tuned for lots of exciting news! See you on the 4th, we’ll kick the day off with a summer sale and more new products!

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