The Tropical Island You Can Visit And Play With Rescue Puppies All Day

The Tropical Island You Can Visit And Play With Rescue Puppies All Day

The tropical island you can visit and play with rescue puppies all day, and even adopt them. Providenciales, part of Turks and Caicos Islands, is a unique holiday destination, as tourists can play with rescue puppies on the beach. Yup, you heard it correct, it’s all your tropical island dreams come true.To nobody’s surprise, this can also result in holidaymakers falling head over heels and adopting a canine whilst there.

The scheme is run by rehoming charity Potcake Place and is most definitely not about making dogs a cute tourist attraction: the organisation which is reliant on donations and staffed entirely by volunteers, is geared toward reducing the number of homeless potcake dogs on the island, and a big part of that is socialising dogs via foster carers and trips out. They have a constant stream of puppies needing socialization and adoption
Earning the name from the scrapings of the rice mixture islanders have traditionally fed dogs, Potcakes are a mixed-breed dog found stray all over the Caribbean. Said to be smart, loyal and affectionate, the overpopulation of strays has been a problem in recent years and attempts have been made to curb their numbers.

Potcake Place has no shelter for the dogs it rescues, according to its website, the staff “look after these pups in our own homes until a permanent home can be found.”

“Our policy is to house them for as long as it takes to find the best home. This is the only alternative we can see to them starving in the bush, being run over, intentionally poisoned, dying of heartworm, ehrlichia, parvo or being euthanized.”

We have to warn you, Potcake Place’s Facebook and Instagram pages are abundant with ridiculously gorgeous pictures of dogs. The country you currently reside in, most likely has hundreds and thousands of puppies and older dogs waiting for loving homes, just like these dogs. You can find a few of the charity’s snaps below and try not to open a new credit card to spend it on flight to Turks and Caicos however tempting it might be! If you can, consider donating or if you are in the area, maybe volunteering with Potcake Place via their website so they can save more dogs.

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