The need for dog blood donors

The need for dog blood donors

The need for dog blood donors

We are often reminded about the need for more UK blood donors but did you know that your pets can donate blood too? The need for Dog blood donors is apparent, with more than 1,000 dogs in the UK requiring a transfusion.

Every donation of a unit of blood can potentially save up to four of our canine friends.

Medical conditions such as anemia or leukemia occur in dogs too and vets rely on such donations in order to provide treatment. So next time you visit your vet, please check if your dogs are eligible to donate this life-saving blood, which is in such short supply.

To be eligible, your dog must be between one and eight years old, weigh more than 25kg, never been abroad and be up to date with vaccinations and be in a healthy condition. The actual donation process usually takes less than 10 minutes and is simple and painless.

There is a real need for generous dogs and owners to come forward and help save lives.

To learn more, visit

Pet Blood Bank UK is the only charity that provides a canine blood bank service for all veterinary practitioners across the UK.

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