Land Of Dogs Collars

Land Of Dogs bring unique and different items to the canine world of sustainable products and fashion

Why we are unique? We strive to make the least impact on the environment possible, and still making a big impact for you and your canine friend! We promote sustainable products and sustainable fashion where possible.

* Our core – the inside of each and every collar features either our unique durable cotton webbing or our durable hemp webbing (material will be listed on individual products basis)- not only more economically friendly but strong and provides much more stability than interfacing.

* We use only the most stylish durable fabrics to cover our cotton webbing and hemp webbing! These fabrics are hand-selected by me to make your canine friend the most stylish in town!

* All the buckles on our collars are either made with Aluminium or Zinc Diecast.

Aluminum is amongst the most environmentally friendly metals on the planet. On a percentage basis, it is the most recycled of any industrial metal. Of the more than 1 billion tons of aluminum ever produced, roughly 75% of the versatile and lightweight metal is still in use today thanks to recycling. Aluminum is a unique metal: strong, durable, flexible, impermeable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant and 100% recyclable which fits in with our modern and most eco-friendly vibe. Our D-rings and Tri-Glides are completely solid and thick.

Few materials are as dynamically useful as Zinc, like our Zinc Diecast buckles, these contoured metal side release buckle are stronger and heavier than the plastic buckles, great for ultra heavy duty applications (or in our case, really big dog collars!). These buckles are made of zinc diecast with stainless steel pins ands springs. They Operate without freezing in sub-zero temperatures. Traditionally known for the anti-rust properties it provides with the galvanization (zinc coating) of steel, zinc constitutes one of the main ingredients in brass. Zinc has been an important element in engineering material for decades, and will continue to be relevant well into the future. Processes and technology in zinc recycling continue to advance, making reclaimed zinc an increasingly viable source. Zinc is an inherently recyclable non-ferrous metal and can be recycled indefinitely without any loss of physical or chemical properties. At present, approximately 70% of zinc comes from primary refining of zinc ores (including 10-15% from recycled sources) and about 30% comes directly from recycled zinc (representing 80% of the zinc available for recycling). The recycling level continues to increase as technology improves.

* All our hardware and materials are top quality and sourced from the Czech Republic or America.

* All dog collars are handmade with an industrial sewing machine, with the utmost attention to detail and love in our little studio in Cheshire, England.

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