Dog has amazing adventures in helicopter

Dog has amazing adventures in helicopter

Dog has amazing adventures in helicopter, across British Columbia in Canada.
Bentley, a 40lb English Bulldog, adventure buddy of commercial helicopter pilot Bradley Friesen, who started a youtube channel, after recreationally flying.

Bentley starts his day with pampering at a spa! Friesen describes Bentley has become his best friend ‘Never thought I’d call a dog my best friend, but over the past 2 years, that’s what Bentley has become.’

They continue en route to a helicopter, and in Bentley hops, safely secured. The duo fly over snow scaped mountains and play ball, they sledge down hills, with Friesen laughing with Joy, they wrap it up and hop once again in the helicopter and land in idyllic scenery you see on paintings, and land in a small quiet tranquil water area. Bentley and Friesen play fetch, he dries him off and they go home whom they are greeted with family! This pampered pooch, is seeing sights some can only dream of! Keep up the good work Friesen!

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