The best dog movie tipped to be a 2017 hit

The best dog movie?

The novel A Dog’s Purpose is finally being made into a movie!

Shot in Canada in fall of 2015, there are four incarnations of the dog, coming to screens January 27 2017. This movie will be incredible, we believe it may even be the best dog movie ever made.
With screenwriters being the author of the novel – W.Bruce Cameron (with his wife Cathryn Michon).
The movie features Bradley Cooper as the voice of the dog, who tells the story, of how he continues to live on through reincarnation, coming back each time after death as another dog, always remembering his past dog lives. Remembering his life includes the people too, and he always wonders, what is his purpose?

Though no movie can contain everything that is in a beloved book, so get your whole family to read the two book series before the film comes out!

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